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Miami tourist
Photograph: Shutterstock

7 questions frequently asked by tourists visiting Miami

By Hannah Africk

The saying “the farther north you go in Florida, the more south it gets,” could not be more accurate. Miami might as well be its own state. Still, we certainly know and understand the simple things in life. Just ask us! 

1. “Is it always this humid?”

No. Miami has about three days a year in which you can’t feel the humidity at all! But I can’t tell you when they are.

2. “Is the traffic always this bad?”

Let’s put it this way: Traveling between two points in Miami without traffic is like going to Disney World and not waiting in line. It’s possible. But never seems to happen. 

3. “Does everyone speak Spanish?”

No. But many of us know the basics. They can come in handy when you need a restroom or directions. 

4. “Does it ever get cold?” 

“Cold.” Hmm, that’s a relative term. Below 75 degrees, we haul out sweaters and boots without shame. And complain. A lot. 

5. “Is anyone actually from Miami?”

Of course! We may look like a meeting of the United Nations, but many of us were born and raised right here. (It may be our parents who came from other places.) 

6. “Do Miami natives hit the beach every day?”

Seriously, some of us work for a living.

7. “Where can we get real Cuban food?”

Everywhere. Most of our Cuban restaurants are authentic—and you may even find two per city block. 

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