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Chef's Choice: Get to know the Forge's Julia Doyne

Julia Doyne
Photograph: Romain Maurice

There have been some changes at the Forge since Julia Doyne was promoted to executive chef: There’s now a woman in the role for the first time, and the menu is considerably lighter. “I’ve introduced dishes that revolve around fresh fish. There’s so much more than steak,” she says. On the off chance she’s not in the kitchen or dreaming up new recipes, here is where Doyne goes for a bite. 

When biking to work

Doyne always stops at Cream Parlor (8224 Biscayne Blvd). “The place is so homey, and the owner, Ainsley, is always there and says hello. I pick up coffee and a muffin three to four times a week. The feeling of the place helps center me before a long day at work.” 

In the mood for Cuban

When it comes to ropa vieja, she’d rather go to Little Havana Restaurant (12727 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami; 305-899-9069, than make it herself. “I feel like it won’t be coming from my heart and soul because it’s not what I grew up on. My boyfriend is Cuban, so I plan on hanging out with abuela at some point and learning her technique.” 

Brunch o’clock

Doyne’s pick for brunch is the low-key diner Ham and Eggery (530 NE 167th St, North Miami; 305-947-1430). “I order blueberry pancakes and a side of sausage—always.” 

Simple but delicious

A regular turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich (with a splash of hot sauce) won her over the first time she went to Football Sandwich Shop (8484 NE Second Ave; 305-759-3602,, an off-the-beaten-path restaurant in the El Portal neighborhood that’s been around since the ’70s. “It was nothing fancy, but it was done perfectly. Then I overheard the guys behind the counter talking about what kind of bread they use and how thick they should slice the meat. They were really into what they were doing. I love that.”



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