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Eight heartwarming examples of Floridians helping each other prepare for Hurricane Irma

Eight heartwarming examples of Floridians helping each other prepare for Hurricane Irma

Just hours before Hurricane Irma is set to make landfall somewhere in South Florida, many across the peninsula are understandably scared. But many have also managed to maintain their senses of empathy (and, luckily, humor) in the face of it all. Look, we might not be a city known for our unwavering hospitality, but—make no mistake—Miami (and Florida in general) is full good people doing their best and helping their neighbors in the process. The internet news cycle has been spinning almost as fast as Irma's winds over the last 72 hours. Local news anchors are starting to get jaw cramps and I'm pretty sure I saw John Morales receiving a direct espresso IV right before commercial break. But, peppered throughout it all have been some awesome examples of kindness—both small and large—across social media. 

1. Twitter user @Mmmmaaarriiiiii spotted an employee from Pinecrest Bakery handing out cafecito to cars waiting for gas.

2. WFTV’s Nancy Alvarez posted a video of an Orlando woman receiving one of the last generators from a stranger. She needed it to take care of her sick father during the storm. 

3. Our venerable Miami Herald dropped its paywall almost immediately after Irma got serious, allowing universal access to its breaking storm news. 

4. After we asked on Twitter for stories of kindness in Miami, a user Tweeted us this photo of Delta gate agents comforting a crying child. 

5. Biscayne Bay Brewing was filling up water for anyone with a container for free before the storm.

6. Sweet Liberty was doing the same.  

7. So was Wynwood Brewing, and dozens more breweries around South Florida


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