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New sticker app lets you send Miami slang emojis

Virginia Gil

How do you alert your friends to cafecito time? Or tell your coworkers that you found a tray of croqueticas in the break room? Until now, it was likely via a frustrating text that required lots of typing and backspacing to keep autocorrect from deleting your Spanglish.  

That’s all about to change thanks to a new Miami stickers app for iOs, featuring 30 emojis that capture the inimitable 305 dialect. From Cuban slang words like “acere” to English translations of Spanish idioms like “I can’t” to Cuban food emojis (forget tacos!) you'll find a sticker for nearly every only-in-Miami situation you could previously only articulate with words. The scripted font used is also large and bubbly—big enough for your Abuela to read.  

Hungry and need a snack? Bro, just send your significant other a pastelito. Das it. Other stickers may not be so obvious to the uninitiated, such as the dirty footprints used to describe a “pata sucia,” someone who takes off their shoes in public. Only one Miami sticker can sum up our feelings about that scenario: “Que pena.” 

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