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Seven places in Miami where you can go to unplug

Written by
Austin Langlois

For a city that’s known for R&R, it’s hard to find places in Miami to disconnect and truly unplug (read: no cell phones!). If you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology, we’ve got just the thing to help you digitally detox: seven local spots where meditation and conversation overcome the need to text and snap.   

Zen-Menity at Shelborne South Beach

Meditation has proven to help focus your mind, reduce stress and increase happiness—and you can reap all these benefits every Saturday at the Shelborne’s free meditation classes. You’ll learn breathing patterns and relaxation techniques to help you unplug and relax your mind.

Biscayne National Park

There’s no Wi-Fi when you’re scuba diving in the largest marine national park in the country. Stop looking to get regrammed and check out the reefs, which are home to sea creatures of all kinds and millions of tiny polyps. Give yourself a much-needed reset by floating with the more than 500 species of reef fish.

Olympia Theater

Cell phones are not allowed during performances at the historic Downtown theater. From comedy and dramatic arts to The Moth’s series of open-mic nights, the caliber of performances commands attention. Plus, you can save your phone’s battery to snap photos of the beautiful theater on your way out.

Floating Gong Meditation at the Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Tap into a higher state of consciousness while floating in the Standard’s bayside pool at dusk. The underwater gong vibrations will envelope your whole body and literally drown out the outside world. To experience a non-Reddit related AMA—alone, mindful and aware—check in with the hotel for details on the next scheduled session.

Asaka Japanese Restaurant

The popular Aventura restaurant proudly displays a no-cell phone sign for diners. The policy is strictly enforced at the sushi bar, where you should be watching the chefs wield their creations anyway.

A.D. Barnes Park

Escape to one of urban Miami’s hidden nature gems for a hike. What the 65-acre park lacks in Wi-Fi, it makes up for in sunshine, fresh air and lush flora. Instead of scrolling Twitter, you’ll hear real tweets from the beautiful birds that call the park home—even if you are smack dab in the middle of the city. 3401 SW 72nd Ave 

Comedy Shows

Both Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock, who have both recently performed in South Florida, are part of a growing trend of comedians who are prohibiting fans from using their phones during shows. Guests are allowed to keep their phones, but it must be placed in a Yondr case that locks while inside the performance venue. Keep an eye out for more shows and opportunities to sit back, relax and really enjoy the show. 

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