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This artist created an airline that will only fly to art events

Ryan Pfeffer

Well, you know Art Basel is almost here when the headlines start to get stranger and stranger. This one comes courtesy of a young artist named Qinmin Liu, who recently announced a part art project/part actual business plan to start her own airline that will only fly one-way to art events.

It’s called Angelhaha Airline and it’ll be making its very first trip from New York to Art Basel Miami Beach on December 6.

“Angelhaha Airline promises to only fly to art events,” the airline says in the “about” section of its website. Ticket prices apparently run somewhere between $300 and $3,000 and seats are very limited. Right now, Angelhaha Airline has upcoming flights listed to destinations like Shanghai, Zurich, Berlin and more on its website.

Just what can one expect on Angelhaha Airline? Good question. "Angelhaha will do everything to provide the happiest moment and environment to human beings," reads Angelhaha's website. "We cherish every moment of ‘haha,’ because we understand we are living in an unstable, boring, full of lies world."

Hey, still sounds better than flying Spirit. 

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