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10 important street tips to follow, according to street-smart Miamians

Street savvy goes a long way here.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

Like in any big city in the U.S., street smarts are essential to surviving and thriving in Miami. People who’ve lived here their whole lives likely know most of these unwritten rules, but seeing as Miami is quickly filling up with folks from other cities, we thought it might be a good idea to help you brush up on the most important street tips to follow. We culled Reddit for useful nuggets to share with you and, as you can see, users were eager to share some pointers.

1. Keep your head on a swivel, especially at gas stations.

You never know whether someone is going to steal the handbag you left on your passenger seat, the wallet propped atop your center console or the cell phone that’s keeping you distracted.

2. Look both ways before crossing the street and then look into the driver’s eyes—if they’re not staring right at you, do not cross the street.

Chances are, if you’re not locking eyes, the driver hasn’t actually seen you standing at the curb.

3. Don’t ever honk your horn at the car in front of you lest you want them to slow down and “teach you a lesson.”

Miami drivers are vindictive and hate being rushed, even if they are messing around on their phone or applying their makeup at a red light and not paying attention. If you honk, they’ll likely slow down just to piss you off. You’re better off waiting or going around them.

4. Do not trust a turn signal.

Changing lanes with a turn signal never works unless you’re prepared to let 15 cars pass you by before one lets you in. If you’re the person approaching, remember the car with the blinking lights could swerve at a moment’s notice.

5. Always ignore the random strangers telling you where to park.

No matter how many times you’ve circled the block looking for a place to park, don’t trust the self-appointed parking attendant of an empty lot, where you’re bound to get ticketed, towed or robbed.

6. Learn CRAP, it’ll help you get around when your phone dies.

The acronym CRAP stands for court, road, avenue and place, all of which run north and south. Roads that are not numbered streets, such as Bird Road, are the exception. If your phone dies and you're left without a GPS device, you'll be fine. 

7. When walking or crossing the street, do not trust a green light.

You should still look both ways—twice—and yield because you’re probably not the only person going when the light turns green even if you did have the right of way.

8. Eat as many pizza samples as you want.

No one is counting or paying attention to the number of pizza samples you swipe while you wait for your order at Casola’s. Wait times are long—go wild. 

9. Pedestrians do not have the right of way.

It doesn't matter if there’s a crosswalk, a crossing guard or a traffic signal directing pedestrians on when to go, there will always be a car, a bicycle or even a scooter ready and willing to cut you off.

10. Learn to speak Spanish.

It’s Miami’s unofficial language and, trust us, you’ll need it to speak to with everyone from your coworker to your housekeeper to the hottie at the bar.

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