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The Miami Beach EDITION spa
Photograph: Courtesy the Miami Beach EDITION spa

6 incredibly relaxing treatments to help you chill out in 2021

Kickstart the year with dedicated facials and massages designed to keep you calm.

By Jannely Espinal

After the year that was 2020, keeping calm should be high on the list of priorities for 2021. In Miami, finding ways to tune out the noise and remain Zen amid the chaos is often just a wellness treatment away. Sanity saviors are available in the form of chakra balancing, facial kinesiology and touchless massages, among other therapies. Whether it’s a reset you’re after or a way to preempt stress, these six treatments will help you chill the eff out and give you the resolve you need to tackle the months ahead.

1. Dive into sound healing

Take a break from the online noise and quiet your mind with sound therapy. A 30-minute session of sound therapy with singing bowls can help you find clarity and relax your muscles with sound vibrations. The Bagua Center offers private sessions to get you started on your inner healing journey. Besides calming your body, meditating with sound therapy will do more to free your mind from heavy thoughts than regular moments of contemplation.

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2. Invest in a luxury face treatment

The Egyptian rose mask from Face Lab Miami is the power boost your skin needs to decompress naturally. Organic rose petals and bud flakes are used to reduce traces of aging (fine lines, hyperpigmentation and the like) and intensely hydrate the skin for a glowing complexion. Healthy skin leads to improved confidence and an overall calm demeanor. It’s just the way things go.

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3. Find your Zen scent

Aromatherapy is real, but there’s more to relaxing scents than essential oils. At Candle Land Miami, your signature, calming smell awaits in the form of a fully customized candle. You’ll get to design everything to your specifications, mixing and matching fragrances and adding special touches like flower petals. Sample as many scents as you want before landing on the one that will help you tap into your most relaxed self.

4. Relax with a bamboo massage

Change your usual Swedish massage for something more technical. Tao Spa Miami offers a bamboo massage with real wooden sticks to work every inch of your body. This massage offers many benefits such as improving sleep quality, releasing endorphins and even moving along your lymphatic drainage.


5. Experience a no hands-off massage

Detox your body from all the negativity of 2020 with the ultimate therapeutic treatment. The Miami Beach EDITION offers a hands-off experience using bamboo sticks and Hypervolt percussion technology to help relieve muscle soreness, increase range of motion, promote circulation and alleviate stiffness in the body. While it doesn’t totally fall under the scope of a socially distant massage, this novel treatment does make room for personal space as it works out all your kinks.

6. Find your vibration with Lightbody

Brigid Baker is bringing a soul-cleansing experience to the gardens at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. If dancing relaxes you, Lightbody is the ideal multi-dimensional approach to feeling restored and reenergized. The increased movement and explored artistic capability will have you feeling revitalized after a single 60-minute session.

Standard Spa, Miami Beach
Photograph: Courtesy Standard Spa, Miami Beach/Ken Hayden

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