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Miami Rain
Photograph: Shutterstock

A tropical storm is probably going to soak Memorial Day Weekend

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Hey, Miami. How are you holding up? We know it’s been a rainy week and you might have forgotten what the sun looks like, but guess what? We’ve got even more bad news: the rain is coming back this weekend with a vengeance.

Yes, it appears the storm system hanging out in the Gulf is going to form into a tropical storm. And while it looks like it won’t be a direct hit to Miami, it’s going to soak us nice and good this Memorial Day weekend. According to the National Weather Service, this storm is pretty much going to have the worst timing ever, arriving Friday, peaking Saturday/Sunday and lingering through Wednesday.

Does this mean we have to be miserable this weekend? Of course not. Miami bars have roofs, people! But you might have to cancel your beach day. And with the traffic expected on Miami Beach this weekend, that might not be such a bad thing.

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