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Add some magic to your Valentine’s Day with this guided heart opening ritual from Moon & Jai

Moon & Jai
Photograph: Courtesy Moon & Jai

We’ll be the first to tell you that Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday. We think it’s so overrated that we decided to skip all the pageantry and throw a casual Friday party at Time Out Market Miami instead. But that definitely doesn’t mean we don’t believe in love! Or that we’re out to rain on your rose-colored, capitalism-fuelled parade 😜.  

Seriously, though: In an effort to take a step back from the corporate trappings of Valentine's Day, we’re going out on a limb and exploring a more mindful (and decidedly more Goop-y) approach. With the help of Moon & Jai, a boutique, Miami-based lifestyle brand that infuses its products with “high vibrational energy,” we’re resetting our intentions and refocusing on what's really important: connections.

Moon & Jai’s “magic in a box” ritual kits help make manifesting your best life (in love or otherwise) as unfussy as possible. Each petite box comes filled with all the crystals, sage and lovely smelling palo santo needed to clear, cleanse and otherwise transform your space—plus a handy instruction card outlining each step to achieving your desired effect.

But you don’t need to go out and buy a ritual kit to try Moon & Jai’s “Heart Opening + Connection” ritual, ideal for expanding a loving connection. If you have a couple of rose quartz crystals and a stick of palo santo lying around, you’re already off to a great start. Now, get your hands on some copal incense, grab your partner and watch the magic unfold following this guided connection ritual.

Connection Ritual

Prepare your space

It’s best to do this ritual in your bedroom. Light some candles, make sure the room is neat and tidy and the bed is made. Have soft music playing and move phones and electronics out of the room to eliminate distractions. Set up two cushions on the floor, or set up a space to sit on the bed or on chairs across from each other.

Cleanse each other

While standing across from each other, light your copal and set the intention to clear your common field of any negativity or stagnant energy. “Cleanse” your partner by waving the copal over their body, from the floor to over their head, front to back. Pass over their hands and heart, have them lift their feet one by one and cleanse their feet in smoke. Now, have your partner do the same for you. Finally, light the Palo Santo, for a shorter clearing to bring blessings and sweetness into your field.


Sit across from each other. As you gently gaze in each other’s eyes, relax, and allow the day to melt away, releasing all tension and negativity. Breathe together: deep inhale, deeper exhale as you harmonize your breath to your partner’s. Start to notice your partner with “new eyes.” Take in their beauty, their wisdom, their care and kindness. Start noticing and remembering the things you love and appreciate about them. Really be with your partner: commit to seeing them through new eyes daily, to keep rediscovering each other!


Both partners: take the rose quartz crystal in both hands. Placing your hands with the crystal on your heart, think of all the ways your partner improves your life, all the ways you are grateful for them and all of their wonderful qualities. Infuse the crystal with your love for them. Ask for the crystal to assist you and your partner in always maintaining a harmonious relationship. Once you place all your intentions into this crystal, give it to your partner and say, “I gift this to you as a gesture of our love,” or another statement that feels most appropriate to you.


Exchange three to five phrases that start with “What I appreciate about you is….” Allow your partner to mirror your words back to you: “What you appreciate about me is…” Take turns sharing and reflecting, keeping deep eye contact and breathing deeply. When you are finished sharing, you may bow, say a word of gratitude or an affirmation. Observe the subtle shift in your being, in your partner, in your shared field. Remember, you can return to this ritual any time. Allow the magic to unfold!


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