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Maison 24 keychains
Photograph: Courtesy Maison 24

Cute Miami souvenirs your friends back home will actually like and appreciate

By Ginger Harris

So you’re in town for the Super Bowl. Awesome. But now you need to get a little something for everyone back home. Cheesy T-shirts. Tacky beach towels. The souvenir struggle is real. Luckily, Maison24 has a pop up in Miami where out-of-the-ordinary souvenirs you, your friends and family will not only love but actually use, abound. Pop into Maison24xMiami inside The Shop in Pop Up Shop in Wynwood and find a few ideas to keep commemorate that Miami trip.

The Keychain
A keychain is a nifty takeaway from a trip. And a bright yellow vintage-style Magic City Motel Key Ring is a bold reminder of how just exactly how much magical fun you had while in the city. It also says hey, thanks for getting my mail while I was away.

The Pillow
Skip the silly beach towel and opt for a hand-embroidered pillow instead. The Miami Pillow maps out every cool spot in Miami in an array of bold colors that scream Miami. Look good on your couch or the couch of the person who was kind enough to house Fido while you were on vacay.

Photograph: Courtesy Maison 24

The Dress
Just say no to I’m in Miami, bitch tees. Instead, a paper dress with a map of Miami on it is the way to say this trip was one for the books. Choose from the Sunshine State Dress or Playground Dress patterns and note each is one-size-fits-all, which makes gifting a cinch. Perfect for the bride-to-be and all her bachelorette buddies on their upcoming trip to our sandbox.

The Tote
In Miami it’s your beach bag. Back home it’s your trusty tote. The Greetings Tote is the most functional souvenir you’ll scoop up on your getaway. Made of Tyvek, it’s waterproof and basically tear-resistant. Go ahead load up all that extra stuff you need to tote back home.

Photograph: Courtesy Maison 24

The Sweater
There’s no more subtle way to brag about being in the Sunshine State during the dead of winter than with a sweater to bring back home to your friends. Subtle because the Magic City Sweaters (available in pink lemonade or lemonade) are cashmere, darling.

The Napkin
Commemorate those cocktails on the beach by bringing home 305 Cocktail Napkins. The foil area code design will remind you of the good times with every sip.

Photograph: Courtesy Maison 24


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