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FYI: It’s technically illegal to take a selfie with your ballot in Florida

Snapping a photo of your completed ballot could result in jail time—so don’t do it.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

Today, October 19, marks the first day of early voting in Florida, which means there are just 15 days left until the 2020 election. Most of you are all caught up on the candidates and amendments you’ll be voting for this year, but there’s one very important piece of legislation we’d like to bring to your attention. It’s the issue of ballot selfies, which, in case you weren’t aware, are against the law.

We’re paraphrasing but, under Florida statute, it’s illegal to show your ballot to anyone, including taking a photograph of/with it and sharing it on the internet. The law applies to the privacy of your own home, social media and everywhere else—which means that absentee ballots count, too. The Florida Constitution states that voting shall be done in secrecy and violating the law is a first-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to one year in jail and fines up to $1,000. Not only could you be arrested but, worst even, your ballot could be disqualified—all that time you waited in line to cast your vote wasted.

Each election cycle, Florida voters are reminded not to post their ballot selfies on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And each year, it still happens. Help us break the cycle, huh? If you’re really keen to show off your civic participation, might we suggest snapping a selfie with your “I Voted” sticker? Not only will you get the point across that exercising your right is important, but you’ll be rewarded with free food, discounts and other Election Day freebies. Give it up for democracy, ya'll.

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