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Here’s what you need to know about Phase 3 in Miami

From what’s open and changes to the curfew to information on fines, we’re breaking down what the new order means for the county.

Virginia Gil

On Friday, Governor DeSantis declared that Florida would be moving into Phase 3, allowing bars to reopen and increasing indoor capacity to 100-percent, among other new guidelines. Fewer restrictions at the state level resulted in a number of swift changes to Miami-Dade’s emergency order, which Mayor Giménez introduced over the weekend. In accordance with the state, the county has reopened its bars but will continue to issue fines even though DeSantis put a pause on penalties. South Florida is doing things differently and what’s allowed and what’s still being regulated may not be entirely clear. Below, a look at what you can expect during Phase 3 in Miami.

Bars are open!
Yes, bars are now allowed to reopen at 50-percent capacity and sitting at the counter is allowed.

Restaurants in Miami may reopen at full capacity.
Indoor seating won’t reach more than 50-percent but combined indoor and outdoor tables could make for 100-percent venue capacity.

There’s still a limit on the number of people who can sit together.
No more than six people to a table, though parties of 10 are allowed to sit together so long as everyone lives together.

Tables might be closer together than before.
If a venue doesn’t have the space to reach 50-percent capacity while keeping tables six feet apart, they’ll be allowed to move them closer together. Of course, the rules of social-distancing still apply.

The curfew is still in effect.
Businesses must remain closed and folks should stay home between the hours of 11pm and 6am. Only essential workers are exempt from the curfew.

And you will get fined if you violate it.
DeSantis may have suspended fines but Miami-Dade will continue to issue them if you don’t follow the curfew, which is a second-degree misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up $500 and/or 180 days in jail.

Hitting the dance floor? Don’t forget your mask.
It may sound ridiculous but according to the county’s emergency order, wearing a mask on the dance floor is required.

Masks are still a thing everywhere else.
If you’re inside, you need to keep your face covered unless you’re seated at your table or at the counter.  

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