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Clyde's Caribbean at Time Out Market Miami
Photograph: Julian CousinsClyde's Caribbean at Time Out Market Miami

Jillionaire brings modern Caribbean food to Time Out Market Miami

Introducing Clyde’s Caribbean, your new Trinidadian meeting place.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

Editor's Note: Clyde's Caribbean is no longer open at Time Out Market Miami.

Miami’s Caribbean diaspora has a new meeting place and it’s called Clyde’s Caribbean. The Trinidadian restaurant opens at Time Out Market on Wednesday, February 23, where it’ll introduce our city to modern island food made by people who know it best.

Chris Leacock just so happens to be one of those people. Better known as Jillionaire—the globally known DJ and former member of Major Lazer—the Trinidad-born, self-imposed cultural ambassador sets out to redefine island cooking with a refined menu that goes beyond the expected jerk chicken. “The average diaspora-adjacent consumer either thinks of Cuban or Jamaica jerk when there’s a whole depth of cuisines that fall through the crack, so how can we explore the African and Indian influences in Trinidad?” poses Leacock, as he endeavors to make Clyde’s Caribbean a starting point for people educating themselves about Caribbean cuisine in South Florida.

His first order of business? Building buzz around Clyde’s Caribbean next-level bake—a popular street food item made with lightly fried fish and served with an airy, fried dough bread. It may just be Miami’s best fish sandwich yet. He also presents a range of dishes that explore the island's depth of flavors, including a fragrant coconut curry shrimp, soul-warming pumpkin corn soup, and tasty guac and chips served with housemade cassava chips. The idea is to give people various entry points, whether it’s a shareable appetizer, snacks or a full meal. “We want to make Caribbean food just as ubiquitous as Thai or Mexican, and provide a context for it too,” says Leacock.

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With that, expect Clyde’s Caribbean to showcase Caribbean culture through music, programming, and events as well. The first party on the books is a weekend celebration of Trinidad’s famed carnival. Known widely as “the Greatest Show on Earth,” Trinidad and Tobago's carnival takes place annually on the Monday and Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday—though Clyde’s Caribbean will be doing things a little differently.

Time Out Market Miami transforms into a high-energy party all weekend long, from February 25 through 27, featuring DJ sets on Friday (6–10pm), Saturday (1–9pm) and Sunday (1–5pm), costumed revelers from one of Miami’s top carnival bands and dancers, plus several surprises.

Clyde’s Caribbean opens to the public on Wednesday, February 23, at noon. See you in the queue for a fish bake—because that’s where we’ll be.

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