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Midtown’s new biostation helps you get healthy and get over your hangover

The Biostation
Photograph: Adorned Photography

No matter how old you are, the day after a night of drinking can feel like your soul’s been sucked dry and your head was bashed repeatedly before sunrise. What’s the quickest way to bounce back? An IV of hangover-curing vitamins and minerals from the biostation. Midtown’s new comprehensive wellness institute specializes in nutrient therapies that support the body’s overall health, including helping it recover from too many shots of tequila.

The menu of natural supplements—meaning no fillers, dyes or additives are ever used—includes IVs designed to hydrate, energize, detoxify and repair. The bRevived is the go-to for people who want to recharge their system (read: it’s the ultimate hangover helper), while the bMellow is the one people turn to for stress relief, among others. “We have people come in who want to relax or have trouble sleeping, and a nutrient drip is great for this,” says biostation CEO and cofounder Ross Bloom. IVs run between $99 and $200 and take between 30 minutes and an hour, which you spend lounging on a recliner while you watch TV, surf the web or nap. 

Vitamin IVs aren’t new to the Miami market (Rockwell even includes a morning-after IV in some of its VIP packages), but biostation goes one step further than other wellness spots by offering clients the option to do a full blood panel, which gives them access to more comprehensive drips that tackle things like weight loss, muscle recovery and aging. “When you’re healthy on the inside, you'll have more resiliency on the outside,” adds Bloom.

So even in last night’s clothes and mascara, you can still feel like you didn’t drink your body weight in margaritas.


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