Should you travel to South Florida?

The short answer: probably not. But here’s why.

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We’re not sure who needs to hear this: but you should probably not travel to Florida right now. Although, sadly, some of you are still wondering whether it’s a good idea to vacation in the Sunshine State. 

We’ve seen many of you post on message boards, asking whether you should still go ahead with that vacation you booked before Florida became the hotbed it is today. We’ve also seen Instagram posts from tourists, taking over South Beach in ways that make us cringe and worry about the safety of our locals. 

We’re not experts but we have been following the news closely and can give you more than one reason why visiting South Florida right now is not a good idea. Reschedule, rebook and see ya later. And if you live here, we suggest you stay put. Here’s why:

Florida is on a bad streak, reporting more than 10,000 positive cases per day.

The state continues on a five-day streak and counting, with Monday’s numbers clocking in at 10,347. Also reported on Monday, two more non-resident deaths, which brings the total of out-of-towners passing away from the virus to 111.

South Florida is now the epicenter of the crisis. Yikes!

We’re not exaggerating either: According to one medical expert, Miami is what Wuhan was at the height of the pandemic five months ago.

Miami-Dade is still under curfew.

For weeks now, Mayor Giménez has enforced a strict curfew from 10pm to 6am. Only essential workers making their way to and from work and folks walking their dogs within 250 of their homes are allowed outside after hours.

Plus, Miami Beach has its own earlier curfew.

Put your dreams of galavanting around South Beach to rest. As of Friday, July 18, the City of Miami Beach has a strict 8pm curfew in place. This includes driving and walking unless you’re an essential worker performing an essential service.

Businesses might not be open by the time you arrive.

While an official announcement has not been made, City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said another lockdown is a very real possibility. “I think we are sort of at a critical juncture that if things do not improve quickly over the next week or two, I think we’re gonna be under a significant amount of pressure to do something like that,” said Mayor Suarez, referring to future closures.

On the bright side, there’s always 2021 and this list of next year’s hottest destinations.

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