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The best things we saw on Instagram in 2017

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

The year 2017 was wretched, racked with hurricanes and political shit storms. So many days we found ourselves anxiously reaching for our phones and turning to Instagram for a cute puppy photo, a jolly Asian baby or anything else that could possibly get us out of this funk. The local Insta feed didn’t disappoint either, showing up with plenty of Miami food porn, hometown pride and other stuff that made 2017 generally suck less. With that, we leave you with our favorite Instagrams of 2017. May your 2018 be filled with so much cheer, life doesn’t need a filter. 

The year’s best photo op: Remix the Dog meets Salt Bae. 

A post shared by Remix the Dog (@remixthedog) on

The Bass reopened this fall and gave us a rainbow of creepy clowns to ogle. 

Things started to look up for the Miami Marine Stadium in 2017, and she’s looking better than ever.

A post shared by The Flying Eye (@flye_drones) on

Knaus Berry Farm’s opening day meant tons of bun porn. Mmmmmmmmhhh.

This little girl was all of this in 2017—obsessed with the oculus at Frost Science.

A post shared by CJ (@cjstripe) on

2017 was the year Moonlight won an Academy Award and put Liberty City and Jimmy’s, our favorite greasy diner, on the map.

A post shared by Billy Corben (@billycorben) on

2017 also brought us the Wharf, the Miami River bar we didn’t know we needed.

A post shared by The Wharf (@wharfmiami) on

And who can forget the Turnover Chain?

The reason we had to buy all new pants in 2017: Vicky’s House.

A post shared by Olee Fowler (@oleefowler) on

Lifeguard towers looked particularly stunning in 2017.

Miami’s most famous chimp got his first set of wheels and we died.

A post shared by @limbanizwf on

San Lazaro went to Calle Ocho, everyone still twerked.

The one thing that didn’t disappoint us in 2017: Miami sunsets.

A post shared by Devin Kay (@devin__kay) on

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