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Question Party?!
Photograph: Courtesy Question Party?!

The bros from NYC's most lit trivia night answer our burning questions

Question Party?! is headed to South Beach, promising a tequila-fueled trivia and comedy rager for the books.

Falyn Wood
Written by
Falyn Wood

Hosted by funny guys Dan Davies and J. Michael Stauffer, Question Party?! is New York City’s long-running, lit night of random facts, drinks and friendly competition. Ahead of their South Beach debut at Time Out Market on Friday, February 10, we tapped the dynamic duo to answer a few burning questions of our own.

From how QP was born to bizarre factoids and their wildest memories from over the years, read on for a quick crash course on Dan and Mike and their beloved, everyman's trivia night, Question Party?! And don't forget to secure your team's spot at the party: Entry to the Question Party?! Scratchmakers Edition at Time Out Market is free with RSVP here.

How and when did Question Party start? 

Mike: In 2017—We were on Cash Cab and we failed miserably. 

Dan: We swore we’d never be on the wrong end of a trivial question again; we needed to be the ones asking the questions. But as comedians, we needed it to be high energy and funny, not boring and snarky. So, enter: Question Party?! 

Mike: It’s a trivia night for people who don’t take themselves or their trivia so seriously. 

Dan: But also, tequila shots. 

What sets Question Party apart from other trivia nights?

Dan: Ego. Pure ego. 

Mike: Which was also Dan’s nickname in high school.

Dan: We don’t really identify as a trivia night. Our pronouns are: throwback sing-alongs, dance-party and limbo contest that just happens to have some really dumb questions thrown in throughout. 

Mike: We don’t try to outsmart the contestants. We might out-dumb you, but never outsmart. Coming in first place in the trivia is not the only way to win at Question Party?!

Dan: Also, tequila shots.  

I’ll never forget when John Travolta came and I challenged him to a dance-off. 

What's a question people surprisingly get wrong?

Mike: We act out a movie scene and teams have to guess the movie title. Recently, we did the penultimate scene from Brokeback Mountain and a team guessed Marley and Me

Dan: That hurt. We don’t know if that says more about the team or about our acting skills/cowboy accents.

Mike: I don’t blame our performance. I blame their tequila shots  

What's the most bizarre piece of trivia you've come across since starting QP?

Dan: We learned that the Argentine Lake Duck has a 17-inch corkscrew penis. 

Mike: That’s a fact you can’t unlearn. 

Dan: You’re picturing it right now, aren’t you???

Mike: You guys are freaks. And I like it. 

A favorite, crazy memory from over the years of hosting QP?

Mike: Once, we were doing "Shotlight on a Hero," where we talk on the mic to a guest, highlight something great about them and give them a shot. Well, it turns out their cousin, who was visiting from out of town, was there with a different team and they had no idea they were both going to be there. Turns out we’re suckers for a good drunken reunion. 

Dan: I’ll never forget when John Travolta came and I challenged him to a dance-off. 

Mike: No you didn’t…

Dan: Yes I did!!

Mike: Then why didn’t you tell anyone? 

Dan: Umm because, uh, *gulp* well, when you beat John in a dance contest, *gulp* he makes you sign an NDA, *gulp*

Mike: Sounds more like Gulp Fiction.

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