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Miami Design District
Photograph: Shutterstock/Mr. InteriorFly's Eye Dome in Miami Design District

The Design District is throwing a free nighttime brunch

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

If brunch ever had any rules or regulations, modern society has thrown them clean out the window. These days brunch is a lawless land full of champagne guzzling and unholy mergers of breakfast food and hamburgers.

Not that we’re complaining. Because it’s all been pretty fun and delicious. Plus, waffles.

The latest brunch concept to role through Miami challenges the notion that brunch should take place while the sun’s still out. It should be a tasty one too. The Design District (if you haven’t visited in the last six months, you’ll be amazed at all the new additions) is throwing a free Moonlit Brunch next Thursday, May 31, at 7pm. Admission to the event is free with an RSVP and will feature food from some good ones: Salty Donut, All Day, La Pollita and more. On top of that, expect live music from Liza Colby and Macy Todd as well as cocktails courtesy of Casa Florida.

Still not convinced? Fine! Stay home. More food and smaller lines for us, sucker. 

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