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The new London City Guide book is a must for your next vacation

Time Out London Guide Book
Photograph: Andy Parsons

When it comes to travel, there’s so much information literally at your fingertips. Type a few keywords into Google and, just like that, you have your pick of things to do in a foreign city. But sometimes, it’s nice to go analog—flip pages, highlight sections, dogear chapters. Making the process of planning your vacation the old-school way all that more exciting is Time Out London’s new print city guide, which is on sale now.

The London City Guides have been in circulation since 1968, are written by true local experts and are filled with all kinds of insider knowledge. Compact but comprehensive, this pocket-sized guide features hundreds of restaurant reviews, bar recommendations and tips on the best things to see and do in London—from the art exhibits actually worth your time and the landmarks you can’t miss to the greatest shops in the city. It’s a no-BS, curated approach to experiencing one of the largest, most exciting cities in the world.

Traveling to London without a guide book would be like coming to Miami and forgetting your Spanish translator. Sure, you’ll get by but imagine all that you’ll miss without it. Pick up your copy online today. 

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