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The Big Bounce America
Photograph: Courtesy The Big Bounce America

The world’s largest bounce house returns to Miami and it’s going to be epic

It has basketball hoops, climbing towers, giant slides, a massive ball pit and even a live DJ.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

If you’re an adult over the age of 25 who’s happened to have spent time jumping in one of those indoor trampoline places, you’ll know the subsequent 48 hours are filled with lower-back pain, new bruises in strange places and general bodily discomfort for having attempted something you’re just too damn old to do.

Although, no impending soreness could keep us from getting excited about the world’s largest bounce house making its way to South Florida this month. From January 28 through 30, a giant inflatable village pops up at Miramar Regional Park (16801 Miramar Park, Miramar, FL) for three straight days of leaping and springing through a 900-foot-long obstacle course that features a castle, a basketball court, a giant slide, a massive ball pit and a DJ spinning in the center of it all. The Guinness-Records-breaking structure makes its way across the country this year, with stops in Brooklyn, Boca Raton and other cities. 

The Big Bounce America opens in sessions, allowing kids and grown-ups the experience of jumping and (safely) plowing into their respective cohorts. Adult tickets are available for select dates and times, and include access to a new galactical-themed area, airSPACE! where a slide and an inflatable solar system await. Socks are required and adults are asked to follow one special rule: “Everyone MUST behave like an overgrown child.” Just don’t forget to lube up with muscle rub first. 

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