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The Wynwood Yard announces its closing date

Ryan Pfeffer

We knew this day was coming, not that it makes it any easier. The Wynwood Yard—one of our favorite Wynwood bars, food hubs and concert venues—will close its original location on May 5, 2019, to make way for a fancy new apartment building.

Boo. Boo, boo, boo.

But, before we get all weepy, this isn’t goodbye for the Wynwood Yard. The venue has announced it will be opening up a Doral Yard and a North Beach Yard is also in the works.

And the Wynwood Yard ain’t going out without a party. The venue will continue strong throughout February with plenty of live music, food and more. During the Wynwood Yard’s last weekend, the space will throw a Yard Fest with more than a dozen musical performances, fitness workshops, kid-friendly programming and more. The venue will also have a “Yard Sale,” where patrons can buy Wynwood Yard items. A shipping container, furniture, plants and a food truck will be among the items available to buy.

So be sure to stop by this month to say a proper goodbye to a Wynwood O.G. And maybe even take a piece of it home. 

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