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These are the five most Instagrammable malls in Miami

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

In the age of Amazon, it is not simply enough for a mall to have an impressive selection of stores. No, to get us out of bed, into a pair of pants and out of the house, malls have to get creative with their incentive. In Miami, a city that rarely puts down its phone, that has translated to some FOMO-inducing Instagram opportunities. Malls across Miami-Dade County are pulling out all the stops to get you to pull out your phone. Check out some of our favorites.

Upper Buena Vista
Have you been to this new outdoor collection of micro-boutiques in Miami’s cozy Buena Vista neighborhood? If you haven’t, we highly recommend a trip. It’s a neat spot to grab lunch and shop around. Your selfie opportunities are abundant too. Pose in front of the garish sculptures or get snapped as you add your own ribbon to the plaza’s decorated tree.

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Brickell City Centre
The entire Brickell City Centre is a visual feast. Climb to the top floor for a sexy background or pop a squat on one of the new flower installations, created in partnership with local florists, that are scattered around the Centre.

Aventura Mall
Aventura has spared no expense with its recent $200 million-plus renovation. One detail that demands to be snapped, though, is the new slide out front. The 93-foot glass-and-steel slide was designed by a German sculptor Carsten Höller. It makes no sense—and yet it makes all the sense.

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Design District
The Design District has been invading feeds for years now, but never has it looked so pretty than right now. You have options, friend. The Fly’s Eye Dome in Palm Court makes for a perfect backdrop, as does the huge sculpture of Le Corbusier on the second floor. And you can’t leave without getting a shot of the insane new parking garage, either.

Bal Harbour
Bal Harbour has been around since before the recent wave of retail-based visual attractions but that doesn’t mean it got left behind. The lush, sleek property and onsite Koi pond will all help you leave with a hell of a picture—even if you can’t actually afford anything.

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