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This new SoBe spot has saunas that melt your fat

MELT, infrared sauna
Photograph: Courtesy MELT

Haven’t seen much of the gym lately? There might still be hope for your summer body after all.

MELT (1800 Purdy Ave; 305-763-8297), the recently opened wellness studio in Sunset Harbour, brings a new way to slim down: infrared saunas. Similar to the small, heated rooms you find in most spas and high-end gyms, these have lights that warm your body from the inside out and help you burn calories and detoxify. The infrared beams, which reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, actually warm muscles and increase blood flow in the same way that actual exercising does—especially since the session lasts as long as the 45-minute spin class you blew off. Expect to sweat like crazy either way.

The saunas accommodate up to two people so you and your gym-ditching bud can perspire together (plus it’s cheaper if you bring a friend), and they feature a LED color lights you can control with a remote control. Each bright bulb carries its own set of benefits, too, like balancing energy and improving your emotional state. Though chances are that shit-eating grin post-treatment has nothing to do with lights and everything to do with your shrinking waistline.


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