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Three things you need to know when shopping for sunglasses

Sunglasses pool
Photograph: Unsplash/Joseph Greve

In Miami, few accessories are as necessary as sunglasses—to block the sun, hide your hangover and hold your hair back on humid days. Beyond their functionality, sunnies are also trendy. But styles change often, making the quest for the perfect frames a challenge. Where do you even begin? South Florida’s premier eyewear purveyor, Edward Beiner, gave us the rundown on what to look for and why every person should own more than one pair.

It’s all about the lenses
“Sunglasses are like cameras; the lenses make a difference. The No. 1 thing to make sure of is that your lenses have UV 400 protection. Polarized lenses will cut 100 percent of the glare and give you a sharper view. People use them for performance (fishing, hiking), but you should be wearing them when you drive to cut the glare on the road.”

Pay attention to hair
“Men, in particular: If you’re bald or have short hair, you have to figure out what statement you want to make with your face. Go with metal frames or light-colored lenses to not create too much contrast with your hair color or length. If you’re a fashion aficionado, pick a dark frame and go for bold. Same for women: If you wear your hair in a ponytail, your face will change slightly. I recommend women get two pairs of glasses. It’s like shoes; there’s a time for everything.”

Materials matter
“Acetate (what most people consider plastic) is a durable material that’s very rich in color; you’ll see it in most higher-end products today. Metal frames are made of stainless steel, though cheap glasses are usually made 
of nickel, which discolors and don’t 
hold up very well.”


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