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Photograph: Unsplash/The Lord Of The Lens

Underrated Miami: Actually going to the beach

A look at very cool Miami things that, for some strange reason, we don’t seem to appreciate as much as we should.

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

In Underrated Miami, we take a look at very cool Miami things that, for some strange reason, we don’t seem to appreciate as much as we should.

Do you ever forget about the beach? You know—just, like, completely forget it’s there? It happens to me at least six times a year. My hopelessly lost Uber driver will take an ill-advised shortcut down Ocean Drive and then, all of a sudden, there it is. Sand. Water. Beach.

It’s a moment of rediscovery that always induces a bit of guilt. This gorgeous thing right in our own backyard causes people from all over the world to stuff themselves into metal tubes and shoot through the sky at 500 miles per hour just to spread their towel on a small slice of its sand. And here we are, treating it like an aunt we don’t particularly like, visiting only a few times per year and spending the whole ride home spouting out trivial complaints.

Sure, parking was a pain. Fine, it was a tad hot and overcrowded. And, okay, your aunt’s cat is terrifying and you’re pretty sure you heard it whisper a spell while carving a pentagram into its kitty litter.

But, come on, you’ve got to take a moment to look at the big picture. We are lucky. For just a bit of effort, we have access to a glorious attraction only a tiny, tiny percentage of this country gets to enjoy. And even within that tiny percentage, not a lot of folks have a beach as pretty and accessible as ours.

Maybe you’re a good Miamian. There are plenty of you out there, who lather up and hit the sand on a biweekly basis. But there are so many of us who, for far too long, have only encountered salt water at the end of a margarita.

End that now. Summer is coming, people. Snap yourself out of it. In the coming weeks, the tourist population will thin and for the next three months this great big thing we call the beach will be yours once again. Pick one off our list of the best Miami beaches, grab a towel and go for it. Otherwise, why are you even here? Move to Idaho. Rent’s cheaper. 

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