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Money Heist: The Experience

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Money Heist
Photograph: Courtesy Netflix/Fever

Time Out Says

Netflix and Fever have teamed up to create a thrilling theatrical event called Money Heist: The Experience, based on the smash-hit, Spanish-language show by the same name (and also known as La Casa de Papel). The action-packed, immersive experience, which opens on October 29, puts participants at the center of a thrilling heist very similar to what unfolds during the show's current season, which is streaming right now. 

Participants will join Lisboa’s notorious gang of thieves, donning the iconic red jumpsuit and Salvador Dalí mask as they follow The Professor’s plan to break into jaw-dropping landmark sites in cities around the world—think La Monnaie de Paris on the banks of the Seine. All you have to do is making it to the other side. Easy enough, right? 

Expect astounding visual effects and unexpected plot twists as no two experiences are alike—your interactions with each of the characters determine your fate in this choose-your-own-adventure journey. Now, the only question remaining is, what city’s name will you adopt? 

Money Heist: The Experience begins October 29 and runs every Friday from 4pm to 9pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 9pm. Tickets start at $51 per person.

Virginia Gil
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Virginia Gil


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