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Food Envy: Norman Van Aken’s shrimp ceviche

We’ve been eating a lot of food at Time Out Market Miami, and now we’re dishing on some of our favorite plates

Shrimp ceviche, Norman Van Aken, Time Out Market
Photograph: Courtesy DeepSleep Studio

Welcome to Food Envy, where we’ll highlight different dishes from Time Out Market Miami that we think you’re going to love—partly because we do. This week, a bright, refreshing ceviche from the great Norman Van Aken.

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Ceviche is to Miami what the hotdog is to Chicago. We’ve got a lot of it and—for the most part—it’s all pretty good. But of course the gap between good and great is a wide one. Norman Van Aken’s Shrimp ceviche ‘salsa of life’ lands clearly on the great side.

It’s so light and refreshing, you feel like you could eat a bucket of it and still do jumping jacks in a sauna. The star of the show is the fresh shrimp, which is cut into chunks and given a bath in a lovely sauce of tomato, citrus and charred peppers. It’s finished with a sprinkle of popcorn on top, which adds a really nice textural contrast to the whole thing.

It’s kind of perfect for Time Out Market because you can start with it (or, even better, split with a friend) and still have plenty of room to try some of the Market’s heavier dishes—which you will want to do very, very badly. Or use it as a pre-beach snack if you don’t want to hit the sand with a food baby. 

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