Check out these meme-worthy moments when Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses his country

A sexy hair flip here, saying something moistly there...

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JP Karwacki
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Justin Trudeau
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Canada might be a cold place of long winters, but it does like to remind everyone that it’s got one hot prime minister at its helm.

Since Canadians started to stay home like the rest of the world, they’ve been tuning in to almost daily public addresses and Q&A sessions made by Justin Trudeau to inform Canadians of the latest numbers and offer friendly advice—in his telltale dulcet tones, of course.

Live daily videos like this can lead to one slip-up or another, but it’s hard to find a prime minister who’s been unanimously deemed handsome by the internet to do anything but be attractive. Yesterday, Twitter started to go nuts over this single, brief hair flip moment during his latest conference. Wait for it:

That small moment was all it took to capture the internet's attention. Without a tie, letting his beard grow out and letting his hair hang long, it didn’t take long for people to start, er, touching up the video a bit:

Some takes are starting to read into the world's feelings for Trudeau a little farther than anticipated:

All of this follows a very brief moment on April 7th when Trudeau let the word 'moistly' pass his lips while describing the use of face masks to protect yourself (skip to 0:45):

Some folks might not find the context or the use of the word itself particularly sexy, but one reaction from an Edmonton, Alberta-based musician managed to easily turn it around. Brock Tyler, writing under the artist name Anonymotif, created this autotunes video. As of this article's publication, it has racked up more than 2.5 million views on YouTube: 

If this turns out to be your latest stay-at-home jam, good news: The song is available onApple Music, Spotify, TikTok, Google Play and beyond.

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