A&W Canada tested their plant-based nuggets on carnivorous plants (VIDEO)

No plants were harmed in the experiment—except the nuggets.

JP Karwacki
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JP Karwacki
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A&W Canada Beyond Meat Nuggets
Photograph: A&W Canada

Plant-based meat is gaining traction exponentially right now, with exposure for the alternative going from year by year to month by month. 

Overseas, the world’s first plant-based yakiniku meat launched in Singapore this year, a plant-based pâtisserie has opened in Hong Kong, and the menu at IKEA Japan is now mostly vegan. Here in North America, be it high-brow or low-brow, things are looking increasingly greener with Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park going totally vegan and fast food joints adding more meatless options to their menus. That includes the Canadian branch of the fast food chain A&W, which introduced a Beyond Meat Burger to its menus in 2018.

The thing is, A&W found through research that consumers still lean skeptical when confronted with plant-based meat alternatives; they know what it is, but less than half of those that know about it have tried it for themselves.

That's why, after launching their new Beyond Meat Nuggets, they've taken a more... scientific approach to convince skeptics. They call it the Beyond Bait Experiment, a taste test that proves plant-based bites can satisfy meat lovers:

"This cannibalistic-like approach aims to convince meat-lovers that the new vegan nuggets taste just like the real thing," the company said in its release. "There’s no better sample group than a blind plant that only closes its mouth on meaty prey."

Conducted over a day on a closed set and shot without any special effects, it's pretty clear that the plants are into it; so why not doubtful meat-loving humans? 

A&W’s new Beyond Meat Nuggets are available for a limited time, while quantities last, only in Canada.

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