Get a free box of French macarons tomorrow if you swear loyalty to Maison Christian Faure

Speak the words during an in-store purchase and you shall be granted a box of treats.

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JP Karwacki
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Maison Christian Faure
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They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but who eats French macarons for lunch? Tomorrow and tomorrow only, customers who go to any one of three of Maison Christian Faure's pastry shops on the island of Montreal and speak the words "I want to eat macarons Faure ever" (see what they did there?) while making an in-store purchase will receive a box of three macarons free.

Not that you have to eat Maison Christian Faure's macarons forever, but hey! Free macarons! If you want to walk in, get your free macarons, and be a turncoat by supporting another Montreal bakery within the same hour, that's your business.

Is it worth going out into the gray, wet weather forecasted for tomorrow just to get a free box of macarons? Hell yeah it is.

The pastry shop's also come out with a new holiday menu that went live on December 1st for that table of desserts you were planning back when you thought you'd be allowed to have up to 10 people inside your domicile.

Seeing as you can't do that now, you'll just have to eat everything yourself: Bûche de Noëls made with chestnuts, coconut-apricot, rolled biscuit, hazelnuts and almond praline, or one with dark chocolate rolled biscuit and a dark chocolate mousse; red fruit coulis and crème anglaise; cakes and tarts from a St. Honoré to mille-feuilles; and savory stuff like choux pastry filled with lobster or whole Beef Wellington to fire up at home.

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