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Montreal, Winter / L'hiver
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Montreal is headed for a second complete lockdown this weekend, sources claim—here's what to expect

Premier François Legault is anticipated to announce a second complete lockdown for Québec on the scale of March 2020 tomorrow.

JP Karwacki
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JP Karwacki

It seems as though the measures announced for December 17 and December 25 last year weren't enough in Montreal and across Québec. According to La Presse, quoting government sources, Premier François Legault is expected to announce a full lockdown during a press conference tomorrow, January 6 at 5pm that will be similar to the very first country-wide shutdown of March 2020.

So what could the next complete lockdown look like?

In order to curb the spread of the virus in Québec, a curfew may be established beginning Saturday (similar to what Time Out has covered in Melbourne) that could begin at 8pm or 9pm and last until the morning.

It's speculated that the lockdown would last three or four weeks—with obvious and likely extensions—and would apply to all of the sectors that have largely been open since the province started to lift its lockdown in 2020: That means schools, workplaces, construction, manufacturing and all other non-essential activities would close.

What would be open during the lockdown?

In order to guess what the next complete lockdown would be like, we need to look at what was available to us last time.

Services and businesses that were deemed essential back in March 2020's lockdown included: Grocery stores, dépanneurs, pharmacies, hardware stores, public transit, media and communications, taxis and transport, the SAQ, the SQDC, courthouses (with minimal service), banks, gas sttaions, garages, funeral homes, cemeteries, hotels, dry cleaners, laundromats, restaurants for takeout, dentists and optometrists (for emergencies), veterinary clinics, animal shelters, medical supply stores, movers, ports,  and airports (this time likely for essential travel).

It's uncertain if the province, let alone the city of Montreal, will declare another state of emergency but it could be likely in order to ensure that people comply with the announced rules.

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