The US-Canada border will remain closed to non-essential travel until November 21

Following interviews last week in which Justin Trudeau stated they would remain closed, the US-Canada border closure has been officially extended by a month.

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US-Canada Border
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Following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's interviews last week hinting that border closures between Canada and the United States would extend past October 21st, it's now confirmed: The border between the two countries has been extended—for now—until November 21st.

“Right now, the situation in the United States continues to be of concern,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a radio interview with CHML AM 900.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Bill Blair confirmed the closure on Twitter today.

This extended restriction applies to non-essential travel. In order for Americans and Canadians to better understand what this means, it's beat to look at the Canadian government's definition of what essential travel is: "Essential refers to travel for reasons that are non-discretionary and non-optional," it notes, which lists that only certain foreign nationals  who might certain criteria can enter at this time. That includes:

- Immediate family members of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- Extended family members of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- Foreign nationals authorized to come for compassionate reasons

- All other foreign nationals

"The emergency orders under the Quarantine Act do not allow people to travel to Canada for optional or discretionary reasons, such as for tourism, recreation or entertainment," the Canadian government adds.

Anyone who exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied entry.

For those that can enter, they must follow a mandatory plan to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, and be able to detail to the Canadian Border Agency where they plan to stay, how they will get to their destination, get their groceries and other essential supplies, and access essential services and medical care during quarantine.

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