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Doom Metal Bands

Quiz: can you spot the fake doom metal band?

They’re all ridiculous, but half of these doom metal band names are actually real. Can you spot which is which?

James Manning
Written by
Guy Parsons
James Manning

What’s the best thing about doom metal? Is it the massive pummelling riffs? The spaced-out stoner lyrics? No – it’s the fact that pretty much every band on the scene has a totally bonkers name.

Ahead of this weekend’s doom metal and stoner rock festival Desertfest (April 24 – 26), we’ve picked five awesome bands from the line-up and mixed them up with five equally awesome-sounding bands that don’t actually exist. Can you tell the difference? Let’s go.

1) THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX: real or fake?


2) How about BONGSMASHER?


3) Yes, it’s a famous WWII movie. But is there also a doom metal band called DAS BOOT?

Das Boot

4) Do DOPETHRONE exist or did we make them up?


5) Did a band really name themselves after popular serif typeface GARAMOND?


6) Are you convinced by ICKE AND THE LIZARD APOCALYPSE?

Icke and the Lizard Apocalypse

7) It's a v. strange name. Does LVNAR CULT pass the smell test?

Lvnar Cult

8) Is NOOTHGRUSH an actual band?


9) SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE: a pun too good to be true?

Sly and the Family Drone

10) And finally, TEN FOOT WIZARD: real or fake?

Ten Foot Wizard
Easy, tiger - You've missed one or more questions!

The real bands were: The Atomic Bitchwax, Dopethrone, Noothgrush, Sly & The Family Drone and Ten Foot Wizard.
The fake ones were: Bongsmasher, Das Boot, Garamond, Icke And The Lizard Apocalypse, and Lvnar Cult. Fake logos designed by Bryan Mayes.

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