3 Week Staff Writer Course: For Film & Tv

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3 Week Staff Writer Course: For Film & Tv
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3 Week Staff Writer Course: For Film & Tv says
SongTown presents... A 3 Week Online Crash Course with top TV/Film music supervisor Randall Foster!

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a staff songwriter for a top publishing company? For 3 weeks this summer, SongTown brings you that experience! You’ll be put through your paces with publisher Randall Foster of Ole Music.

. Learn about the 6 categories that all music for TV/Film falls into and how to write for those slots.

. Write for TV/Film Sync Opportunities each week and submit to Randall Foster for consideration.

. Get reviews each week on your songs from major publisher.

. Great opportunity to have your music pitched to real sync projects if your songs nail the assignments.

Randall has placed music with major TV and Film networks including 20th Century Fox, NBC, HBO, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Walt Disney Pictures, MTV, and many, many more. He will be the instructor for these *live* online lessons.

You will not only learn about the 6 Pillars of Songs most used in the TV and Film sync world, but you will also have the opportunity to get your music heard and pitched by this top publisher if it stands out! SongTown has been working on putting this opportunity together for 2 years... and it's finally here. We don’t know of any other course offered that allows unsigned writers access and guidance to a TV/Film Publisher of this caliber.

*Spots are limited, so sign up today!

More info / reserve your spot at:

*While both SongTown and Randall Foster are based out of Nashville, TN, anyone from anywhere in the world may participate-- each lesson will be broadcast online via LiveStream. If you are in a different time zone or miss the live broadcast, each lesson will be viewable at your leisure throughout the course.

We'll see you in class!
-SongTown USA
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