Crafting Your Fandom With Foam: The Basics

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Crafting Your Fandom With Foam: The Basics
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Crafting Your Fandom With Foam: The Basics says
With Dee Volpe
Ages 15+ : Due to cutting instruments, heat guns and adhesives.

What will be covered:
Are you a cosplayer who would like to use foam in your costumes or props? Do you want to create that epic armored costume? This class will cover the basics of using EVA and Craft Foam to create a work of art that you can wear! It will cover the types of foam to use, how to cut and shape, how to seal and paint, how to weather and detail, assembly and fitting, and all the equipment needed to work with foam. We will have examples of what you can do using foam and discuss safety for when working with equipment. You will also be able to try some techniques out during the class.

Skills you should have to take this class:
Students taking this workshop should have general knowledge of craft materials, have an interest in creating costumes and props, and want to have some fun!

If you would like to come in and work on projects outside of class, you must be a member.
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A paid membership doesn't automatically guarantee you'll just get to come and use all our tools. First and foremost, we need to make sure you can demonstrate that you know how to safely use them. We don't want you to injur yourself or anyone else, and also proper training helps prevent damage to our tools.

Not all classes are free for members, but they are always at least discounted. Why is this? Our instructors are experts; some choose to volunteer their time, and some need to earn money for sharing their knowledge and experience because this is how they make their living.

About the Instructor:

Dee Volpe has been cosplaying and costuming for over 20 years. She is the founder of the local cosplay group Cosplay Collective. She conducts panels at conventions on cosplay and steampunk and does commission work for all types of costumes and props. She works in many mediums including, sewing, foam building, makeup arts, FX materials and can be very inventive in upcycling items.
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