Re Resolved: The Improv Show

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Re Resolved: The Improv Show
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Re Resolved: The Improv Show says
Hey Nashville, we have a new home on the west side! Centennial Black Box Theater in the Centennial Arts Center on the grounds of Centennial Park. Whew, thats a lot of Centennials. Can't wait to see you Friday the 15th....

By January 15th, which happens to be the date of our next show, you will have absolutely broken your new year's resolution at least once. Well good news, so did we! Here is a run down of the promises we made the Auld Lang Syne gods is going:

Redd: Promised to get hurt less- He is currently recovering nicely at Baptist hospital room 440.

Sandella: Promised to quit Sour Patch Kids for good- She fell off that wagon at 10:51 AM New Year's Day when she rationalized Sour Patch Kids were an acceptable breakfast item because they had fruit flavors.

Jill: Promised to be less violent- She took up knitting and was doing really well until Redd made fun of the scarf she was knitting and took a knitting needle to the temple.

Heather: Promised to write more letters- Her first attempt was returned for insufficient postage and it has been a real blow to her self esteem

Martin: Promised to quit making people mad on social media- Well, this one is definitely a fail, as he recently drew the ire of Fiona Apple fans everywhere.

Shane: Promised to lessen his involvement in local politics- He was recently photographed with Mayor Barry...enough said.

David: Promised to stop being so ridiculously good looking- Well Just look at him.

Scott: Promised to read more literature- He chose a Russian novel, untranslated, it is a real blow to his self esteem.

Stu: Promised, as he does every year, to play nice with the TSA- He is currently being held by the US Gov't in an undisclosed location for what is described as an "emotional altercation" between Stu and a TSA agent in Omaha.

Our show will be built completely off of audience member's New Year's Resolutions and will feature both short and long form improv. So join us for a hilarious night of improv comedy, and burn some calories laughing, it totally counts, log it in My Fitness Pal.

Buy your tickets early online at and receive a special price of $10! Tickets are also available night of the show at the door starting at 7:00 PM. $12 at the door, but if you sing the chorus of Auld Lang Syne, you will receive $1 off! Doors officially open at 7:40 and the show begins at 8:00PM sharp.
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By: Music City Improv