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Spiritual Boot Camp
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How do we take our teachings off the page, out of the classroom, away from our Sunday Lessons, and into the (so-called) "real" world of our day-to-day lives? It requires discipline. It requires thinking ahead. We could all use a little group therapy to help process the frustrations while searching for ways to better arm ourselves to peacefully coexist with those around us who too often drive us crazy.

We're calling it Spiritual Boot Camp, because we're in these trenches together. Join our moderator, Karlen Evins, as we take up topics we're each facing day-to-day (around water coolers, and at those dreaded dysfunctional family gatherings). Rather than let the old scripts remain, let's take action. It's time we re-frame the challenge, replace old scripts, and show the world what we're really made of. This meeting is designed to empower you as you go back into the rest of your life LIVING these teachings we love and know to be true.

They are only as good as our ability to apply them~
(Can we get an amen?)

It's Spiritual Boot Camp ~ A support group for the spiritually determined, wanting to overcome the dualistic thinking of a race/mind world.

(There IS a way to be IN this world, but not OF it...The secret lies in becoming the change we want to see~)

Here's to letting that peace begin with me~
(And you and you and you~ After all, we are One!)
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By: Center for Spiritual Living Nashville