Spray Paint / The Rebel / Soft Option Live At Third Man Records

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Spray Paint / The Rebel / Soft Option   Live At Third Man Records
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Spray Paint / The Rebel / Soft Option Live At Third Man Records says
AUGUST 17, 2016





Tickets purchased online can be picked up at will call anytime after the doors open at 7pm the day of the show.

Punk is work. The thrill is gone. Spray Paint unsettles. The band—made up of George Dishner, Cory Plump and Chris Stephenson—currently touring the US in support of Feel The Clamps, their sixth LP, available now through Goner Records. Not unlike A-Frames, Whirlwind Heat, Brainiac, Arab on Radar, or your friend who takes acid to sleep, they command a post-punk angst, a warped energy, and a musty discontent—but theirs is version that could only come stumbling out of Beerland, TX (#amen #hallelujahhands). SP balances on whatever line exists between frayed atmospheres and detuned, melted punk song structures. The lyrics are hungover and moribund. The vibe is bitter. There’s no room here for miracles. Rock ‘n’ roll is a dead horse. Don’t believe us? Okay, have fun blasting "The Crunge"!

Ben Wallers, AKA The Rebel, hails from Hertfordshire, UK, and is the frontman, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the art-punk band Country Teasers (among a half-dozen others). His output prolific, crafted with a darling and daring wit, and delivered with a creaking drawl of half-sung speech. His sound feels culled from the wreckage of classic country and ragged, minimalist garage. His brand of satire is rare in music and tends to spotlight unlikely topics, like the scourge of xenophobia, the sickness of sexism and pastoral darkness from the perspective of those who are actually afflicted with those ideas—all in the name of humor and a culture study of sorts. He’s confiscated your dog whistle and he’s exploring the boundaries of human decency through brazen and uncomfortably blunt satire. He’s a wee laugh riot.

Soft Option isn’t far off from either. The band is local boys: Mac Joseph, Connor Cummins and Nick Barrett. Here the sound is Warsaw-era Joy Division or Public Strain-era Women...and the lyrical content, so far as I can tell, revolves at the leat around the frustration and ire that stems from being force-fed a realtor’s daydream. Of course, there's much more to it. Must see in person, must hear in person, must come hang.
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By: Third Man Records