The Throwback To The Future Spring Fling!!!!!!!

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The Throwback To The Future Spring Fling!!!!!!!

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Well I don't know about you guys but I'm getting tired of this cold and darkness. That's why Chris Nelson, The Smyrna Skate Crew and I (Dj Vinny Marrero's Podcast) have decided to build mini time machines made out of boots and 8 wheels to roll us into the future...(well at least 1 hour) and create......... The Throwback To The Future Spring Fling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, it's been about 3 months now and it's round 3 of "your" incredible skate party that was born as a spinoff from my birthday party in September thanks to Chris Nelson and The Smyrna Skate Crew. The reason for the "Back To The Future" title is because we have to move our clocks ahead the following Sunday....cute, right? Due to scheduling conflicts we couldn't do it on that actual Sunday though (the 8th)....besides anyone with a problem with our title can write to me at idon' ha ha ha!!!! Anywho..... the same rules as the last time but if you're new to the scene here they are again.....there are no rules just some The party has to be classified as a closed party so the the Smyrna Skate Center can't dictate what we can or cannot play BUT..... It's an open session!!!!!!!! The party caters to the skaters!!!!! All ages welcome but no trainers are allowed nor will be available for rental.... Slower skaters please take the inside lanes..... ESPECIALLY DURING THE TRUCKING/FAST SETS!!!!!!!!! No chillaxing on the skate floor, I mean, dear god we have the rink all to ourselves so find a table or!!! This is a throwback jam so therefore the night will be filled with all of the classic skate jams... Funk, Truckin, Steppin, 70's, 80', 90's and maybe a taste of the 2000's will be played so soooorrryyyy no Bieber, Ms Grande, Ms Perry or Ms Spears will be played that night. If you want to hear them just keep going to the kiddie sessions!!!!! Email me any requests at Remember, this is YOUR party filled with YOUR old school music!!!!!!!!! Speaking of music, for parents bringing children, if the F bomb gets dropped in a song it's purely accidental and all we can say is....ooops!!!!! It's an adult oriented skate that all ages can attend and we can't keep track of the lyrics and we didn't do it on purpose..... Special note: Someone innocently mentioned at our last party and said "wow guys, if you keep this up you can make a nice amount of side money"... To be clear, Chris and I to this strictly for the love of the party, the skate and our friends old and new. We do not make one dime. Yep, that's right...zilch, zip, zippo, nadda, nothing...etc. You can check our pockets when we!! So with that mentioned, please come out and support us and support YOUR party!!!! It's such a great time, you have know idea for those who haven't attended one of these yet. That's why we do it quarterly so it doesn't get stale. If the numbers gets crazy, well then who knows!!??!! You guys have a full month to make your plans, move work days or take a personal day for that Monday. We can't wait!!!!!!! We have been aching to throw this just to see everybody again so, like before, please come in full force, ready to get down and bring as many friends as you'd like!!!!! To recap: It's The Throwback To The Future Spring Fling!!!!! Sunday, March 1st, 6pm to 10pm (4hrs) Smyrna Skate Center Smyrna, TN $10 admission (skates or not) which includes skate rental Event flyer is coming, we have a special secret agent working on it.... ;)
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