4 Week Women's Health Course

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4 Week Women's Health Course
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4 Week Women's Health Course says
As we move in our lives, it is so easy to rush our thoughts, neglect our bodies and overlook what we feel. Overtime, living in this way can create a disconnect between the mind, body, and awareness, thus leading to internal miscommunication.

Yogic Wisdom tells us that in order for our lives to run smoothly our foundations must be strong. Our legs, pelvis, and lower abdomen are not only the physical roots of our bodies’ but also house the energies of stability and groundedness within our subtle bodies. As we strengthen, open, and embody these regions we create the basis for physical presence which assists in taking us out of the stress response (flight or fight) and into the relaxation response. As our bodies’ relax, the nervous system and endocrine system (hormones) begin to experience homeostasis.

In this course we will emphasize poses that stabilize our legs and pelvis in order to create more room for our reproductive and digestive organs to enhance circulation, as well as, explore pranic (subtle body) practices to promote equilibrium in the entire body.

Some of the Potential Benefits:

-- Increase blood flow to the whole body, including the
reproductive system
-- Reduction of stress hormones
-- Strengthening the mind-body connection
--Support for the endocrine system

Cost: $80 by August 2nd, $100 Therafter. Members receive 10% off. No refunds. Register online or call 899-0047.
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By: Wild Lotus Yoga