Wellness Weekend: Reiki Energy Clearing Class

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Wellness Weekend: Reiki Energy Clearing Class
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Wellness Weekend: Reiki Energy Clearing Class says
Clear Yourself
Reiki Energy Clearing Class
With Reiki Master Michelle Baker
Sept 16 & 17

7:00-9:00 PM

*Remove Obstacles
*Call Your Energy Back
*Let Go of What No Longer serves You

Give Yourself Reiki
Learn Visualizations on Calling On Spiritual Guides & Cutting Cords
Higher Self Meditation
Protection Mantras
Clearing Rooms
Fire Ceremony

Open to all beings. No experience is necessary. No yoga asana will take place. This is not a Reiki Training but an open class.

This will be deeply clearing and self empowering. There are numerous Reiki tools that are are to the public offered in our Reiki Trainings that many beings can learn to do without learning how to give Reiki.

If ever you have felt energetically heavy, disturbed, vulnerable, thrown off center, or weighted down, there are very accessible tools you can practice daily as to clear yourself energy body, called the Pranic Body.

With focus on fine tuning your chakras back to the harmonic frequency and velocity, 7 therapeutic tibetan metal bowls laid on your chakras, 7 crystal bowls and 7 fork tuners that match the frequency of each chakras will be added to this therapy class along with the fire ceremony. This this much focus on chakra healing, you are certain to be tuned to Radiance in the rainbow body.

In this class, you will go through many of the same exercises we do in our Reiki trainings that are appropriate to share without going through the training, yet we will not share Reiki on anyone but ourselves. Especially in Reiki 1, numerous techniques are given so that one can learn to clear themselves. Especially done over the course of a weekend, you will feel tremendously light filled response.

Exercises in this class will include:
*Recitation of protection mantra, obstacle removing mantra, chakra activation for harmony and a heart purifying mantra.
*Higher Self Meditation
*Cutting Cords
*Revocations of energy that no longer serves you
*Invocations of what you would like to call into your life
*Calling on Spiritual Guides
*Fire ceremony
*Give yourself Reiki

After these exercises are performed together with a group, which is often more powerful, you will then lie down and do basic personal clearing and Reiki of your own Chakras as Michelle guides you through each one. She will also be clearing the room and you with metal bowls, crystal tuners, crystal bowls, gongs, sage and mantra and offering all energy back to the Source with great forgiveness.

This energy class is right before our Total Slow Down weekend, doing Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. We encourage you to make this entire weekend a healing retreat at Swan River Yoga.

2 hour Session $20

Location: Mandir (2940 Canal Street)

Contact: deb@swanriveryoga.com
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By: Swan River Yoga Mandir

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