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A delicious Taco Moon will illuminate the night sky in May

Everyone gets free Taco Bell to celebrate the celestial occasion.

Morgan Olsen
Written by
Morgan Olsen

If this week's dazzling Pink Super Moon blew you away, you'll want to mark your calendar for the next celestial event of 2021: A rare Taco Moon will light up the sky on Tuesday, May 4. And yes, we can tell you're serving us some serious side eye right now.

You're not wrong to be skeptical, but there's something in it for you if you're willing to hear us out. You see, the natural phenomenon is actually a publicity stunt from fast food giant Taco Bell. In their defense, the moon will be in a waning crescent phase on May 4, which means that only 43 percent of the orb will be illuminated. Does it look like a taco? Sure, we'll play along. Would an astronomer agree? Only if they're hungry.

But like we said, there's something in it for you, too. To celebrate the totally ordinary celestial happening, Taco Bell is dishing out free crunchy tacos from 8–11:59pm on May 4 in more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Some locations will have tailored local offerings (like a vegetarian version of the menu item in India), so you should check in with your nearest Bell to find out how to cash in.

While you're cruising through the drive-thru, make sure to pop your head out the car window and admire the Taco Moon in all its glory. We'll never look at a half moon the same way again.

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