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Full moon
Photograph: Shutterstock

A ‘pink’ supermoon will light up the sky tonight

April’s full moon will be larger than usual – eyes up for a spectacular celestial sight

Written by
James Manning

Things are looking up. Well, they are if you temporarily forget what’s going on at ground level and let yourself be distracted by what’s going on overhead. 

The skies are set to be all a-glow tonight with the biggest, brightest moon of the year. A super full moon is coming – and to make things even lovelier, it’s known as a ‘pink moon’.

It’s called that because of the pink blossom and flowers that bloom in the month of April (in the northern hemisphere, that is). Unfortunately, it won’t actually have a pink tint to it. But its arrival in our skies might at least make the current world situation seem a little rosier.

Super moon over New York

Photograph: Shutterstock

Why’s this moon so super? The full moon is taking place when the moon is closest to the earth, which basically means that the moon will look really bright and big in the sky. Supermoons appear at their biggest when they’re rising and setting, as that’s when they are closest to the horizon.

The evening of April 26 is when it’ll be lighting up skies across the world. If you can safely get to a nearby dark-sky area, it’ll look even better – here are the best stargazing spots in the UK and the USA

Super pink moon London

Photograph: Shutterstock

This supermoon is the first of 2021, so it’s worth getting a look at it. And what else have you got on that evening?

Now mark your calendar for the rest of 2021’s shooting stars, eclipses, meteor showers and planetary alignments!

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