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Mulled wine spa
Photograph: SpaSeekers

A mulled-wine hot tub is coming to this UK spa

It’s the ultimate festive detox: wallowing in warm, spiced wine

Huw Oliver

Few sensations are more pleasurable on a chilly winter’s evening than the distinctive sweet, cinnamony scent of mulled wine. Now imagine you’re sitting in a hot tub filled with the stuff. Life, surely, couldn’t really get any better.

Well, it turns out one spa in the UK is already on the case. Throughout December, Shrigley Hall in Cheshire is offering guests a tantalising ‘Mulled Wine Spa’ experience – including a soak in a wine-filled hot tub, a variety of themed treatments, and of course, a glass or two to drink.

The tub will be filled with wine at a temperature of 37C, which spa firm SpaSeekers says will ‘allow the pores to open, releasing toxins and allowing your skin to embrace the tannins in the wine’. Ingredients like orange, cinnamon and star anise, meanwhile, offer a ‘high level of antioxidants’. That’s your pre-Christmas detox sorted, then.

The day will also include a 45-minute Frankincense massage, and a body scrub blending aromas of brown sugar, cinnamon and orange. Prices start from £60 per person and will soon be available to book through the official website. We’re feeling merry already.

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