Acropolis staff are striking after being forced to work in 45C heat

As the Cerberus heatwave continues to swelter, workers at the famous Athens tourist attraction are protesting against unfair working conditions

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Charmaine Wong
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A large crowd of tourists visit the Acropolis of Athens on a hot, sunny day
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As the deadly Cerberus heatwave intensifies through the week with temps surpassing 45C, tourists and locals alike are feeling the heat. But perhaps nobody is bearing the brunt more than the people working in the hospitality industry – and in Greece, workers at the Acropolis of Athens have had enough. Their union announced this week that staff will go on strike from Thursday to protest being forced to work in the sweltering 45C heat.

Staff at the popular tourist attraction will stop working at 4pm today (July 20) and the strike will last for four hours a day. ‌‘Given the problems we have faced … in recent days, measures have been unanimously decided,’ said the PEYFA union, which represents the striking workers.

The home to the Parthenon temple was shut down last Friday for three days due to the heat but was reopened on Monday. It hasn’t been specified how long the protest will last, but as the Greek hotspot continues to swelter at the height of the busy summer season, the union said that the strike is ‘aimed at protecting the health of the security staff and visitors.’

Firefighters have been hard at work trying to keep wildfires under control in the region. The fires bloomed in forests in northern Athens as anticyclone #2 Charon hit, bringing high pressure and unrelenting winds. Even Italy and France have sent planes to aid with water-drop services.

Temps in Athens are expected to hit another peak of 43C this weekend.

Here's all you need to know about the heatwave in Europe and how it might affect your travels.

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