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Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy
Photograph: Courtesy Airheads

Airheads debuts a fried chicken sandwich with a candy bun

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Written by
Morgan Olsen

Just when we thought the Chicken Sandwich Wars were finally dying down, an unexpected new contender has entered the chat. In honor of National Fried Chicken Day on Tuesday, July 6, Airheads – yes, the fruity, taffy-like candy brand – is releasing its very own fried chicken sandwich.

If the picture didn't tip you off, Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy is anchored by a bun made entirely of Airheads Xtremes, which are essentially long strips of rainbow-colored sugar coated in even more sour sugar. The craggy fried chicken – which, as an aside, looks totally legit – is topped with creamy coleslaw, spicy mayo and pickles.

We know what you're thinking: This is a PR stunt, right? Yes and no. While the cavity-inducing sandwich won't undergo a nationwide rollout like the competition, it can – and will – be deployed.

'For those of you asking, "How will you even distribute this thing? All of the other contenders are professional kitchens with restaurants. You don't have any restaurants,"' the hilarious promo video teases. 'To that we say, "Did you ever hear of a food truck? It's a truck that makes food, and anyone can rent them."'

But alas: There's only one place where you can try the elusive Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy on National Fried Chicken Day. According to The Takeout, the sweet and savory handheld is exclusively available at Frances’ Deli and Brunchery in Chicago for lunch on July 6 – while supplies last.

And if the Chicken Sandwich Wars have taught us anything, the supplies never last for long.

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