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McDonald's crispy chicken sandwiches
Photographs: Courtesy McDonald's

We tried all three of McDonald’s new fried chicken sandwiches to find out which one is best

This sando reigns supreme.
Written by
Morgan Olsen

As the Chicken Sandwich Wars wage on, McDonald's makes the latest move by releasing not one, not two but three new fried chicken sandwiches. The new menu items, which debut nationwide today, share the same upgraded crispy white-meat fillet and buttered potato roll bun. Diners can choose from three versions of the sando: crispy, spicy or deluxe.

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I know that your time (and stomach space) is limited, so I went ahead and sampled all three of McDonald's new chicken sandwiches to figure out which one reigns supreme. Take a look at my taste test below to find out how these handhelds stack up. Oh, and as a heads up, McDonald's is giving out free crispy chicken sandwiches from March 1–7 with orders of $15 or more via DoorDash with the code CRISPY.

Photograph: Courtesy McDonald's

Crispy chicken sandwich, $4.19

What's on it? Crinkle-cut pickles

Tasting notes: Let's start with the base model, shall we? This plain Jane sandwich allows for an uninterrupted taste of McDonald's upgraded crispy chicken patty as well as its new toasted potato roll. Both are nice improvements (especially the surprisingly pillowy, perfectly toasted bun), but neither will blow your mind in the same way that Popeyes' fried chicken sandwich did back in 2019. Without any sauce to glue the layers together, this sando is dry and lacking in depth. The pickles add a hit of acid, but can someone please pass the mayo?

Power ranking: Third place 

Photograph: Courtesy McDonald's

Deluxe chicken sandwich, $4.99

What's on it? Shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes and mayo

Tasting notes: What's so "deluxe" about this sandwich? Aside from the fact that it's served in a box (unlike its bagged counterparts), I'm not totally sure. Don't get me wrong—the toppings add some much-needed oomph to the mix, but shredded iceberg lettuce and pale Roma tomatoes aren't exactly groundbreaking. If you're debating between the regular and deluxe, spend the extra 80 cents to upgrade your order.

Power ranking: Second place

Photograph: Courtesy McDonald's

Spicy chicken sandwich, $4.39

What's on it? Crinkle-cut pickles and spicy pepper sauce

Tasting notes: Here's something I wasn't expecting: McDonald's spicy chicken sandwich is actually... spicy. Too often, fast food chains water down heat in an effort to appeal to the masses, but Ronald McDonald isn't holding back with this one. According to the ingredient list, the sauce is crafted with habanero peppers (not as hot as ghost peppers but spicier than cayenne). It's an exciting, vinegar-packed assault on your taste buds, and I like it. When you factor in the crunchy pickle chips and the pillowy soft bun, this sandwich is an easy favorite—especially if you can handle the heat.

Power ranking: First place

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