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Snowstorm in London
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Brace yourselves: a big load of snow is on the way in the UK

Up to five centimetres of the stuff could fall in some parts of the country tonight

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

It could snow in the UK this evening. That’s right, this evening. In March (actually, almost April). Which seems a bit mental, doesn’t it? Especially considering that some Brits were enjoying a balmy, cloud-free 21C just last weekend.

The Met Office has already issued a yellow warning (meaning that some disruption to travel is likely) for snow and ice in Scotland. But that’s no surprise, really. Scotland – especially the Highlands regions – often gets rather a lot of snow.

Excitingly, however, the snow could reach as far south as London. Up to three centimetres of the stuff could fall on the capital, most likely overnight tonight. That much snow is unlikely to settle in the city centre, though it could last a little longer on higher ground.

It’s possible that the rest of England and Wales will see a little snow, too. And while that, too, is unlikely to settle or cause serious travel or safety issues, it could leave some nasty ice. So be careful! 

In other words, expect the usual white excitement followed by a few days of having to traipse through grim black sludge. The joy of British springtime, eh?

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