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British Airways is selling flights to Spain for just £28

A whole load of Euro destinations are up for grabs on the cheap

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

With balmy sunshine one week and sub-zero blizzards the next, are you sick and tired of this flip-flopping British weather? Well, luckily British Airways is here to whisk you off somewhere a little, erm, nicer. The airline has launched a whole load of super-cheap flight deals throughout spring and summer.

Just £23 one-way will get you to Dublin, while £28 will get you somewhere a little warmer, namely sun-drenched Euro destinations Bordeaux and Málaga. If you can stretch your budget to £35, BA will get you to loads of places, from culture-packed cities Barcelona, Kraków, Prague and Valencia to beach paradises Palma, Alicante, Nice and Sardinia. Not bad, eh? 

Sure, BA is often a little more expensive that budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet – even at discounted rates. But it’s also usually quite a bit nicer, and while other carriers often make you pay for carry-on and hold luggage, all these BA flights come with a 23kg hold bag included. Not forgetting, of course, that BA recently reintroduced its beloved free food and drink policy for all passengers on short-haul flights.

The dates included in the sale run all the way through to October, and the bargain seat prices last until they’re sold out. You can explore all of BA’s flight deals here.

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